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Herdade Canal Caveira

IC1 Km 599,4 Canal Caveira,

7570-107 Grândola, Setúbal, Portugal

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Herdade Canal Caveira, Lda


It is on the Litoral Alentejano, at the confluence of two big Portuguese wine regions, Setúbal and Alentejo, that we find the Herdade Canal Caveira. Esplanade at the foot of the Serra de Grândola, the estate receives the maritime influence of the Costa Vicentina, land of a unique and original microclimate. It has an area of ​​45 Hectares, of which 25 are of vineyard and the remaining of olive trees, orange trees, cork oaks, holm oaks and pine trees.


The vineyards spreading out in the sun, break between the river bank, and the edge of the national road IC1. Before the stop for the famous Cozido à Portuguesa, stands the emblematic house in the shape of a Castle, greeting those who travel to the Algarve. The Cellar brings us the proof. In a virtuous reality, the view from the top floor splits extensively between the village, the mountain range and the plain, while the tinkling of the glasses stir the smell and taste of the profiled nectars.


With 18 grape varieties to recreate, our winemakers produce lots and monocasts full of freshness, aromas and fruity flavors. With mainly sandy soils, great thermal amplitude and Atlantic influence, Canal Caveira Estate produces elegant, complex and persistent wines.


A terroir perfect for quality wines and discerning connoisseurs. With the Serra Brava brand (registered in the 70's) among whites, roses and reds we also launched a Frisante Moscatel: the first with a quality designation from the Região da Península de Setúbal.


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Vanda Paz Paiva

Herdade Canal Caveira



Founder and President

Successful businessman, internationally recognized as president of several companies, in the areas of education and vocational training. It was the passion for Portuguese wines that made him invest in the Castelar Winery, accepting now a new challenge by creating the Canal Skull Estate, another jewel in the country's wine scene.

For those who have been all their lives engaged in the education and formation of young people, this passion for wine is another form of culture.

Mrs. Vanda Paiva made her first harvest in 1991, in João Pires. In 1992 she graduated from Estação Vitivinícola da Bairrada in the sparkling wine area. At the Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede, she worked for 5 years as a quality controller.


In 1997 she joined to Vinícola Castelar, having become Partner-manager in 2000, a position she holds. In 2014, she became Partner-manager and Winemaker of Herdade Canal Caveira.


Mrs. Vanda Paiva holds a degree in food engineering and has a master degree  in food control and prevention systems, with a specialization in wine science and technology. She is Confrade da aguardente da Lourinhã.


Mrs. Vanda Paiva, shares her passion for wine with her passion for writing. Has several publications edited, highlighting the books of poetry; Brisas do Mar (2008) and Fingers Acesos (2011).

Manager / Winemaker



Quality Controller

Ms. Maria Caeiro, made her internship at Adega José Maria da Fonseca, at the Adega Cooperativa de Palmela and at Malo Tojo. She was a resident enologist at the Sociedade Agrícola de Rio Frio and Resigon Companhia Agrícola e Gestão.


She currently works as quality controller at Herdade Canal Caveira.


Ms. Maria Caeiro has a master degree in Food Engineering.



Herdade Canal Caveira

The HCC team is made up of 14 permanent employees. 

They are the main responsible for the quality of the wines produced, to which the Paiva family thanks the high commitment revealed every day.

The partners of the company are; José Paiva, Helena Paiva, Vanda Paiva and Nuno Paiva