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As soon as the sun goes down, the group bursts out of the cave to look for food. Confident in their ability to guide, they launch themselves in a low-flying flight over our heads, instinctively protected between their hands.

Out of bad reputation, they call them vampires but they are actually the bats from Mina do Lousal.

There are around 1100 individuals in Galeria Mineira, belonging to 3 species: Large Mouse Bat (Myotis myotis), Moorish Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophis mehelyi) and Small Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros). None of these species are hematophagous, that is, none of these bats feed on blood (we can rest assured).

It is precisely here in Lousal, inside Galeria Mineira Waldemar, where these beautiful winged creatures live, that Herdade Canal Caveira has some of its best wines aging, all certified as Regional Península de Setúbal, for a minimum period of 12 months.

Entrada Mina.png
Caixa Mina.png

The objective was to study the evolution of our wines, in unique and ideal conditions for their aging, as found deep underground (12 meters), which are characterized by the absence of vibration, the almost total absence of light and a stable humidity (ideally between 60 and 70%, in order to avoid fungi resulting from places with high humidity and the dryness of the cork stopper, typical of very low humidity), with a low and stable temperature (with very slow variations between 12º and 16º C, depending on the season).

After the 12-month internship, we moved on to the Organoleptic Analysis phase, both in the individual test and in terms of comparative testing. To better be able to assess the evolution of the wine that aged in the mine, theRed Wine Serra Brava Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, we compare it with the wine from the same harvest, which aged in the cellar, in our winery at Canal Caveira in Grândola. 

The  wines that aged in the mine, proved to be very elegant in the tasting, with finer aromas, discovering more complex flavors and a greater aging capacity. 

Caixas Inside.png
Mina Lousal CX.png

In order to provide our customers with an experience identical to the one just described, we are launching a fabulous set of two bottles in a wooden box:  one with an internship at Mina do Lousal and the other with an internship at the Herdade Canal Caveira winery. As a gift, and to remember the mining work, we bagged a small pyrite from the mine in a typical burlap bag,  


We still have an internship at Gruta Mineira Waldemar,  two more wines: The  White -  Herdade Canal Caveira Chardonnay 2018 and  Red Serra Brava Alicante Bouchet / Syrah Colheita 2018 that will hit the market this Christmas. 


Let's be careful.

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